Whatever the Surface, Create the Exact Look You Want!

It’s easy when you can choose from so many different durable and versatile patterns designed to simulate the appearance of natural materials. Click on the magnifying glass on the image to see mat name.

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Textured Mats

Apache Flagstone, Apache Flagstone Seamless 24"x24", Apache Flagstone Seamless 36"x 36", Caesars Stone (feather edge) 56" x 56", Fossil Seamless 24" x 24", Fossil Seamless 36" x 36", Fossil Seamless 56" x 56", Oxford Seamless 24" x 24', Oxford Seamless 36" x 36", Oxford Seamless 56" x 56", Roman Slate Seamless 24"x 24, Roman Slate Seamless 36' x 36", Roman Slate Seamless 56' x 56", Seamless Textured Stone 24" x 24", SwirICrete Seamless, SwirICrete Seamless 24' x 24", Vegas Seamless Stone 24" x 24', Vegas Seamless Stone 36" x 36", Vegas Seamless Stone 56" x 56'


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